Have you ever had one of those days at work? The kind where you’ve got something on your mind, an itch that won’t go away until you scratch it?

I was having one of those days. A squirming in my seat, daydreaming of getting dicked down, eight hours of soaked panties kind of day.

Fortunately, my exhibitionist streak was running high last night so I could indulge my inner voyeur with the next best thing to a good dicking…

Watching a good old homemade porn starring one particularly bad bitch and a thick cock I’m high-key obsessed with!

I had been thinking about it all day long, wrapped up daydreaming about fucking myself to a hidden camera movie of myself getting fucked.

The whole day, I could feel little tingles on my pussy… Like his tongue was still licking up every drop of honey on my lips.

What would he think if he walked in here on me like this? I wondered if he would be upset with me for recording without telling him…

What if he pinned me down with a hand on my throat? My fucking cunt would be like a faucet. Sheets? Ruined! Just like I want my pussy to be. Fucking ruined.

I’d want him to take out his frustrations on me. Tell me what a filthy slut I was for making a sex tape of us, and dig his fingers into my tits while he did it.

Squeeze them hard, until I yelped. Digging his nails in. Leave me with bruises, fuck. The kind that let me remember it the next day… For more ruined panties.

Or maybe he’d jam his cock down my throat. Really make me strain my jaw to take all of that dick… And all I would be able to do is look up into his eyes and suck.

Holy fuck I need that. I need so badly to feel that fat cock head grinding its way into my throat. Every time he would thrust, his balls slapping against my chin, telling me to swallow his cock. Spit and precum running down the corners of my mouth down and making me a mess.

Oh, that cock. That beautiful, thick cock, slick and shining and ready to slide into me… I bet if he wanted to, he could turn me inside out with that cock of his.

That’s what I’d want him to do. Rail me and tell me how naughty I was for making a video of us. Tell me how much he loves it when I’m naughty, and how much it makes him want me.

That’s what makes me so fucking weak… The way he wants me. The way he wants to use this pussy. The way he likes to grab me by the hips and just pulls me into his thrusts like a heavy bass rhythm…

God, I’m so fucking hooked on his cock. It’s the kind of fucking where you still feel it the next day… It’s like my cunt fucking aches to the point it’s all I can think about and the only way to get over it is to get more dick.

What a fucking amazing feedback loop to get trapped in, right?

The way he hits it from the back, though… Like this giant cock is stretching my cunt open and filling me up… But he also has this magical ability to hit every spot just right and it’s not even fucking fair.

Once he gets me on my knees like that and goes doggy, I know it’s over. My brain loses control, he plays me like a PlayStation and my cunt is the controller.

The way he hits it I feel like I’m relaxing every muscle in my pelvic floor but I’m squeezing his dick so tight that it doesn’t even make sense how it doesn’t just fly out of me every time he pulls back.

I know that’s how he likes it though, and what makes it so amazing is how it makes him just as weak as it makes me! I know when he hits it from the back it’s because he’s ready to get off for me.

It’s because he’s ready to give me that hot creamy load. My walls are squeezing and sucking him so he’ll give me that thick cum.

How do you decide where you want it? Covering my face… Glazing my tits, painting my tummy… Or deep, deep inside me… I want it all, everywhere. I can never get enough of it. I always want more. I’m insatiable.

Always, always insatiable… The itch that you just can’t quite scratch without good dick. Giggle But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying…

By Hellen Haze Bach

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