Is there anything better in this world than having a whole beach all to yourself?

The natural rhythms of the waves and the wind have a way of making me feel at ease, bringing me joy.

But… It seemed I wasn’t alone after all. It seemed I had a fan, and I could feel his eyes on me.

Was he fucking me with his eyes? I couldn’t believe the filthy thoughts swirling in my mind. There was nothing I wanted more than to make all the blood in his body rush to his cock.

After all, he’ll probably never see me again. But thinking about burning an image of my tits into his spank bank was making me want to do things I never thought I’d do…

Had he ever seen huge tits like mine? I wanted him to imagine what it would feel like to get his hands on them, that his jaw would drop when he saw the piercings in my nipples. I always got fucking soaked imagining what people would think if they knew my huge, pillowy soft tits were hiding these hard, metal nubs.

Oh my god… He took his phone out. He was recording me! I… I never knew how fucking badly I wanted that, but my pussy was a psychic. It knew before my brain did.

How many times would he watch the video he was making? How many times would he grip and beat that swelling cock, thinking about my body?

Fuck, would he show his friends, too? Just thinking about it made my cunt a fucking mess. I knew I had to make it a video they’d all drain their balls to over and over again.

But goddamn did I want him to put down the phone and come abuse my tits. My nipples ached at the thought of having them pulled and twisted until I yelped.

I was so lightheaded, I almost didn’t feel like myself when I buried my fingers in my hungry cunt. I kept telling myself, I don’t do things like this! But here I was sucking juices off my fingers for him. To make his cock pulse with need for me.

I had to show off my clit piercing because… I was dying to have his tongue on it. I was aching to have his fingers tug on it while his lips sucked the oozing nectar right from my clenching hole.

And… I was loving every minute of it. I felt such a rush. It was like I was getting high on putting on a show for him. Cramming my fingers in my cunt never felt this hot, never felt this good.

In my head though, it was him, not my fingers. He was pounding my pussy and then shoving his cock in my mouth to feed me my own creamy goodness on his pulsing head.

I was ready for him to whip it out and split me open. I wanted him to walk over here and make this cunt his. I wanted him to rail me like he owned me. Don’t make me beg.
Pleeeeease… Don’t make me beg. You can have me all to yourself, if you’ll just walk over here…


By Hellen Haze Bach

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