I twirl my hair around my index finger as he messes with my butt, squeezing my cheeks, poking at me. I glance back, gazing up at him, then giggle and squirm away, wiggle-dancing my way to the other long window flanking the front door.

“You think it will actually come today?” I ask eyeing up his boner as he flashes me by opening his dark green robe. I grin at him and move my robe to flash him back my hard-nipped boobs, my shaved pussy. Exposing my nipples to air, they rage nicely to hard points. I cock my head, bite my lip, flicker my eyelids open and closed quickly.

He grins back with a naughty grin. “The website says it’s supposed to arrive today, but with all this quarantine business that shit isn’t always right. It could get unexpectedly delayed. Especially with the increase in deliveries with everyone quarantined at home right now.”

I tighten the strap on my robe, my usual attire lately being stuck at home. It’s either this or a tank top and lounge pants. With working from home, doing everything from home really, who needs to wear anything else? “Maybe we could go back to bed and play some more while we wait.”

He opens his robe and walks to me, leaning back, his swaying cock leading his way, dick swaggering like a beacon to me. “Yeah, you are like a magnet to this guy.” He strokes his cock with a raise of his right eyebrow, licks his lips, barely gracing the hairy tips of his goatee with his tongue. “I have a tongue you can use. Again.”

He unties my robe and rubs his hard shaft against my belly just as my blue robe falls open for him.

“I have one too.” I slither my tongue along my top lip, then circle it down to swipe my full bottom lip, making direct eye contact with him.

“Oh, don’t I know it. And I know what you can do with it while you wait for our sex package to arrive. You could even do it right here for all the world to see.” He scoffs. “Or for no one to see because not a soul is out there.”

He ate me out for like twenty minutes before we came down to watch for the delivery dude, so I drop to my knees, grab his hairy thighs, pulling his hard on closer to my mouth.

He gives me an oh shit! look.

“Don’t worry,” I say into the head of his cock. “I’ll just edge you. But push me off if I get you too close. I don’t want you coming before that box arrives and we get to enjoy it.”

“I know right? We’ve been waiting days for it to arrive. I’m not screwing this up by blowing my load already. Damn virus is causing all deliveries to be slow.” He runs his hands through my hair as I take the head of his cock into my mouth, pulling it all into a hand ponytail so he has no barriers to watching me suck him.

I mouth his dick head sealing my lips hard around the thick bulb of it, running the flat of my tongue along the back side of his cock up and down as I suck. I grasp his shaft with both hands below my mouth and stroke him as I suck. His hands tangle into my hair as he moans. I grab at his butt cheeks beneath his robe with my other hand and give him a butt cheek slap. He chuckles as I do it again.
There’s a knock on the window. I glance up to see the delivery guy through the window giving my boyfriend a thumbs up and a smile while nodding.

I come off his cock quickly. “Hey, jackass, you could have told me he was there.”

He backs up immediately and closes his robe. “He liked it. Why would I do that?”

I laugh. “You mean you liked it.”

He smirks, his eyes like molten dark chocolate. “So, what if I did.” He opens the door and waves to the delivery guy who waves back with his blue gloved hand. “Who cares. He saw worse last week when you answered the door in that black laced up bodysuit.” He tightens his robe before stepping out on the front step to pick up the package. “I bet he gets all kinds of crazy views these days. I might be a bit jealous.”

The sunlight blasts him as he steps out into it, glistening off his lush dark brown hair, hair that I love raking my fingers through in the heat of sex and while we watch TV.

He steps back inside and slams the door shut.

“I hope this is it. Did you order anything else?” He tears at the tape and rips up one flap of the box.

“Yes, but just toilet paper, which clearly that’s not toilet paper. Too small.” The box is just a bit larger than a large shoe box.

“Right.” He rips up the other side of the box, his cock straining the fabric of his robe out like a tent as his body jerks with the motion.

“You’re watching it, aren’t you?”

“Yep.” I reach for him, but he jumps back. “He’s mesmerizing me.”

“You need to give him a break or our fun will be over until tomorrow.”

I groan. “Oh, pooh. You are not fun.” I cross my arms in a fake pout, furrow my brows.

He glances at me and smirks. “Oh, I’m lots of fun and I’m about to magnify your fun with this.” He pulls a black wand vibrator out of the box and a bottle of lube, clearly strawberry-flavored with the label covered in the fruit.

I clasp my hands together and gasp. “Oh, well I’m ready for that. What else did you buy?”

He pulls the box back as I try to peer inside. “Not yet baby, I’m running this show this time and you’ll see the rest of my goodies when I want you to see them.” He pulls out an eye mask. “Or not see them when I want that.”

“Okay,” I say nodding as I drop my robe to the carpet in one swift movement. “I’m ready. Work me over.”

He gives an evil laugh and waves the black wand in the air. “Eager. I like it. With deepest pleasure, or your deepest pleasure, that is.” He raises his eyebrows several times motioning for me to lie on our couch.

The velvety fabric brushes my skin as I slide onto the couch cushion, ending in aligning my body parallel with the back cushions with my legs spread open, my arms thrown back over my head. The physical display meaning take me, I’m yours.

“Good girl. Nice and opened all up for me.” He rips the cellophane off the wand vibrator box. “Salivating yet?”

“Mmmm,” I say. “Yes, as is my pussy.” I run a finger down my clit and into my very wet sopping pussy.

He pulls my finger out of me and brings it to my mouth, then pulls it fast to his instead. “How nice of you to give me a taste.” He shoves my finger into his mouth and closes his lips around it, sucking it hard before letting it slip out.

“Hey. That was supposed to be for me.” I grin and bite the corner of my lower lip, giving him a naughty twinkle of my eyes. “I’ll just have to do it again.”

He grabs my hand and sets it beside me. “Later. I have some more useful ideas for that wetness of yours.”

I give a silent chuckle. “Oh, you are claiming it, huh?”

He gives me an intense stern look. “Yes, I am. I made it that way, so, yes. My precum.”

I giggle. “Then use it,” I demand as I taunt him with a wiggle of the lower half of my body.

He pushes the button to make the wand hum and pushes it several times going through all the modes and speeds.

I want that thing in me so bad. I play with my nipples until they are hard points as I watch him. He goes through all the modes again, holding his hand against the head of it to feel the difference in vibrations.

I cough and kick my right leg against the headrest of the couch cushion. “Quit studying it. This is like cruel torture.”

He gives a naughty grin. “Just need to pick the best mode to tickle you with first.”

Mr. Analytical has to analyze it to death before using it, whereas I would just plunge the fucker right into me without even a glance at the directions. He finally settles on a mode and touches it lightly to my clit. The first touch has me almost moaning already.

“Oh, holy shit,” I moan as he pushes it harder onto my clit, causing me to moan out even louder.

I grab at the couch cushions and squeeze them with my hands as I writhe against the softness beneath my backside. My breathing increases as he rides my clit with that lovely wand. He’s driving me up the ramp of an orgasm until he pulls it off of me and I instantly lose all the ground I was gaining towards climaxing.

I look up, blinking, bewildered, my lip out in a pout.

“Not yet, baby,” he says as he moves towards my head with the eye mask in his hands. “Put this nighttime mask on. I want to surprise you. It will heighten everything for you if you can’t see or anticipate my movements for a bit.”

I slip the mask over my eyes. It creates a perfect blackout.

“Can you see anything?” he asks, running a finger along the inside of my left thigh.

“I see all black.”

“Perfect. This is better than a blindfold. I’m going to make you squirm, you, my plaything.”

I love it when he calls me that because it means he’s about to tantalize the fuck out of me, which I love. I smile. But this time we have a box of goodies involved. Yippee!

“I see that smile. You can’t hide anything from me. I’ll know everything you are feeling and I’m going to be the one giving it all to you and taking it all away until I let you crash into your finish.”

Boys and their toys, I snicker. He thinks it’s all his game, but I secretly love it too. Or perhaps he knows that. I suppress a chuckle and it slips out loud as he drags something solid along my right nipple. I gasp as something squeezes it.

Oh, fuck. He bought nip clamps.

New. This is new. I take a deep breath. Sigh. New doesn’t have to mean scary.

I repeat that again in my head as he fidgets with something. My first instinct is to thrash and roll away from him, but I remind myself that I trust him, and he will stop if it’s too much for me. We don’t so much have a safe word, it’s more of an open communication between us.

I recoil against the tight squeeze at the tip of my nipple as it hardens turgid against the clamp. He snakes his fingers around the clamp to caress my gathered titty skin. I moan against his light touch in combination with the tight clamp pinching me. My chest rises and falls, the little clamp somehow weighing down my chest more than it should. He secures a clamp on my other nipple and I shudder as it closes. The tingle sends jolts down my areola, across my breast, and into me. I reach for the clamp, gingerly fingering it trying to see it with my fingers.

He chortles as I finger both clamps at once, my fingers roaming the little metal pieces, riding the predictable loop of the semi-circle, my nail scraping against the screw that tightens it. My fingers follow the chain that connects them, meeting together in the middle.

Hmmmm. Not sure how I feel about this, but I’m definitely intrigued.

He dribbles something wet between my breasts. It smells lovely like some sort of flower. He rubs it in all over my chest, stomach, pussy mound, and onto my labia lips. He coats my neck and arms. I moan rhythmically and undulate against his hands as he caresses my body all over, he then travels his hands down my thighs, down my shins, rounding my toes, frisking along my heels. His fingertips move smoothly as if he’s added more oil to his palms. Well, it feels like oil anyway. The aroma is divine.

Feeling fully slicked up, my skin tingly, I reach out for him but find only air. He strokes my cheek with a finger, so gently. I reach up but he pulls his hand away before I can grasp him. Oh. This is me not touching him, part of his game. I see. I bite my lip as a quiet sigh escapes from my lips.

“Yep.” He grabs my right wrist and slips something onto it. It feels thick like a circle strap of leather. He brings it up over my head and holds it against the couch, then goes for my other wrist while still holding me down by my wrist.


My breathing is speeding up to match his pant as he pins both my wrists to the couch with one hand while fingering my lips with his other. He smooths his thumb across my lips, smearing something that smells like strawberry. If it tastes as good as it smells, this is going to be yummy fun.

I raise an eyebrow and he chuckles at me. He moves the fingers of his free hand down my neck, caresses the drop and length of it, rounding them at the base of my throat, then cupping and squeezing the tops of each of my breasts.

His mouth grazes mine and he takes my upper lip between his two and suckles it. Then coaxes my mouth open more for him with the tip of his tongue. I open as he plunges his tongue into my mouth, caressing my tongue with his, dragging the sweet strawberry flavor of the balm to my taste buds.

I caress his tongue back then suck on it. He lets me for ten seconds, then wiggles it out of my suck. He thrusts his tongue back in, his wide-open mouth devouring me as he fondles my breasts and holds my wrists above my head.

I squirm into him, longing to touch with more than just my mouth.

My body lurches. I moan into his open mouth as he tugs on the chain connected to the nipple clamps causing my nipples to stretch away from my body. I groan.

FUCK. “Mmm. Fuck,” I mutter.

Nipple tugging does drive me wild, but usually he does it with his fingers. This is a bit more intense with the constant dual tight pinch. I writhe my body, twisting against the restraints, rolling with our kissing as my senses are raging into erotic overwhelm.

I gasp and again say, “Fuck.”

“Mmmm. Yes. I’m going to fuck you. Fuck you hard until you come multiple times.”

I smile, twist beneath his kiss. “Promises, promises,” I whisper into all the black, then draw in a deep breath while my heart pounds wildly inside me.

“Oh, this is more than a promise. It’ll be accurate history soon.”

My mind spins as I wonder if he dreamt all this up as he ordered toys, or is he making it up as he goes? I really want to know, but I’m not going to ruin the moment by asking.

My chest is heaving against his, his movements jostle the clamps on my breasts making the chain tickle my skin like the feet of many butterflies. I want to squirm away from the clamps yet yearn to curve into them to feel the full stretch they can offer. The duality of pain and pleasure of these new toys skirt us along each other’s boundaries like a couple dancing, the pleasure sliding herself down to harden my clit, all of it tempting the full range of our senses. I imagine his dick must be at it’s hardest doing all this to me.

As if he can read my thoughts, his fingers play at the mouth of my pussy, mangling my labia lips between them. His fingers plunge into my wetness, causing her to wet herself further. He pulls his fingers out of me and gives my pussy a spank. I moan, gasp, whimper, moan, as he repeats it four more times. That makes me wet as fuck and feels amazing. I need that strong touch to cum. He knows my body well and for this I’m very grateful because he can play me to climax like a damn pro.

He releases my wrists, but I leave them resting above my head. He trails his hand down between my breasts, past my belly button, draping along both my hips making a figure eight pattern for several passes. His firm touch against my oiled skin is tantalizingly erotic against the backdrop of my hardened nipples being constantly pinched inside the clamps.

Then he leaves me. I swing my arms to my belly, gently place my cuffed wrists there as I wait. My mind dwells on my heaving chest, my breaths coming so fast as my thoughts scramble to guess his next move. I sense him near my head, the scent of that strawberry he smeared on my lips in the air. Then he leaves again as I scoff.

He’s gone for a few minutes and returns. I hear the air pump roar and wonder what the fuck he could possibly be blowing up. I chuckle as I imagine him blowing up a blow-up sex doll. Oh I hope not!

After the air pump goes silent, he crawls onto the couch and settles over me again, his hard cock falling on my cheek smelling of sweet strawberries. I almost laugh because I’m cuffed and I’m wondering how I will sixty-nine with him while my wrists are conjoined. He drags his hard cock head around my face, rubbing it against my lips. He’s coated his cock in that strawberry stuff, so I stick out my tongue to lick it as he moves across my mouth.

He slaps my pussy with some sort of rubbery feeling thing and my whole body jerks, the shock of that slap sending electric jolts through my clitoris into my pelvis like invisible zaps.

I gasp and moan as he does it again. I reach up for his boner with my cuffed hands and manage to guide him into my mouth, the sweet strawberry flavor a tasty treat on his blood packed cock. I suck on his stretched head, running my tongue along the ridge as I rub his shaft with my cuffed hands. It proves to not be as hard as I first imagined it would be and I suck him while cuffed. Taking more of his shaft into my mouth, I glide my mouth up and down him as he does a full lick with his tongue flat from my clit downward as far as he can go to my butt cheeks.

He then open mouth devours my clit and I writhe against the strength of his mouth sucking me. His mouth is sealed over me, pulling my loose bits of skin into his mouth causing me to moan against his cock in my mouth.

Mmm. Damn that’s delicious.

I move my legs against his arms that are propping him up over me. One arm leaves my thigh and he tugs the nipple clamp chain and I cry out, muffled, then open-mouthed as I fall away from him, the sensation too much to stay suctioned to him orally.

I redirect him back to my mouth with my joined hands and suck him again. Our mutual pleasuring each other evident in our moans and groans, and sucking sounds pelting the living room air.

I’m ramping up to cum, rounding that hill of climbing an orgasm, readying to climax against his sucking mouth, submitting to the will of it as sure as if someone pushed me down that hill in a wagon. Helpless, I plunge into it, my arms bend, curling to my body, my legs draw up, my mouth falls away from him, my lips pursing as I moan through the release of the orgasm. He slurps from my pussy for a short time, then comes off to give me a break as he knows how hypersensitive my clit is immediately after I cum. Bless him.

I pant heavily as my body slowly settles, calms. He crawls off of me and he’s gone again.

I slither against the softness of the couch as he removes the clamps from my nipples. He devours my right breast, sucking much of my areola into his mouth. I play with his dick with my hands as he suckles me, also visiting his mouth upon my other nipple. He’s always fair even though he likes my right one better. Well, I can’t blame him, she is more crinkly.

He jerks his cock out of my hands, but hovers over me and rips the mask off my eyes. Our gazes meet and I smile. He mirrors me with his own smile.

“Just want to see you now,” he says.

His eyes tell me he’s having a blast with me and I spell that out for him back with my own eyes. There’s something beyond intimate we share when I let him see my eyes when we fuck. I used to want my eyes closed every time I had sex because I thought feeling it all without seeing intensified the whole experience; but he’s taught me it’s actually more intense maintaining eye contact while my most intimate parts are touched. But clearly, a blindfold has its own powerful place in sex too.

He maintains eye contact, catches all the strays of me with his eye hold. We just own each other, solely just us in this moment of our true deep gaze. Ready to fuck.

His face falls into a smirk as he works something into my pussy. Its vibrations rubbing me something fierce. He rubs it against my G spot as he holds my gaze.

“I want to see your eyes when you come.”

I twist my head slightly under his sweet request, my shoulder rising as I move, I bite my lip and nod. I used to turn away when the raging of my coming flared, but he’d catch my chin and hold my eyes with his own. It was his doing, his conquest as I finally trusted another human being with what I’d held to myself my entire life. It was both liberating and terrifying, but soul-touching to be that vulnerable in front of someone.

He works the toy, rotating it in me, rounding it to all my wet internal walls, dipping it out to roll its vibrations along my pussy lips. When he presses it to my clit I cry out because … fuck … that feels amazing. I groan and thrash as he rides the sex toy on my clit. The luscious feelings flood my pelvis as I squirm against the vibrator. He’s back on my tits, suckling them way into his mouth, grazing his teeth along my skin as he maneuvers the toy inside me.

I’m so longing to touch his body, his muscles, his hairy skin, so I crawl my bound fingers up and down his belly, coming up to his hairy chest, meandering my fingers to his nipples where I pinch them, fondle them each to hard pebbled peaks. He looks up at my eyes from my nipple and tickles me with the tip of his tongue, a grin growing on his mouth.

He pushes the toy even harder into my clit and I throw my head back, thrashing it from side to side as I moan loudly. He just knows the right pressure that drives me wild and he uses it like a button whenever he wants as I fall into being his clit slave.

He pulls my chin square so he can look into my eyes.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard now, fuck your cunt like my slut, my pussy cum sucking slut.”

His dirty talk always makes me gush, enflames my clit to harden further, the pressure I feel near my belly button thrives as he next presses his cock to my pussy, the toy falls to my thigh and vibrates between my skin and the back couch cushion, no longer the star of our fucking.

He begins to thrust himself into my vagina slowly, then faster and faster, slapping himself to me making that delicious skin on skin smacking sound. When he goes fast, that’s when I usually come. I squeal in anticipation.

He reaches down and grabs my cuffed wrists and brings them over my head. He holds onto them for traction and pounds himself into me so fast as I gasp and whimper moan, my fingers grasping for even a tiny touch of his skin.

I look him right in his eyes and say, “Fuck me. Just fuck me with you.” He’s better than any toy.

He pulls his cock out of me and quickly stands, maneuvering me to my stomach, pushing my face to the couch. He shoves a wedge-shaped sex pillow under my pelvis, another new addition. Ah, that’s what the air pump was for. The pillow feels erotic, causing my ass to raise up higher towards him, my asshole suddenly given fresh air as he spreads my butt cheeks. He reaches between my legs and pumps his fingers into my pussy a few times, then licks my pussy in full long strokes from clit to anus three times, gives my ass a slap, and moves his thick bulbous cock head to tease at my labia lips.

He rubs up and down, delivering his pre-cum to mingle with mine, his hand on my lower back pressing me down. He penetrates my pussy with a groan, I moan to match, gasping as he slides himself deeply into me, fast and easy as a hot knife into soft silky butter.
He loves this position because he says he can pound me hard and fast. With my ass raised higher in the air, my anus quivers a bit from his thrusting, my pussy sucks his cock as he slams his body into my butt cheeks.

“Mmmm, yes,” I moan. “Fuck me rotten. Yes, fuck me. Mmmm.”

He pounds me so hard I can no longer speak, but only pant, moan, whimper. He grips both of my hips and just all out slams me with all he’s got. I’m jiggling. He’s going so fast.

I’m moaning deep rapid moans, he’s grunting as he thrusts, mixes in his sexy as fuck low deep growl every now and then. That sound always drives a twitch through my clit.

I’m being driven into the rise of my orgasm by his massive fast thrusts. My body starts to curl. He realizes I’m coming and he flips me over quick to my back, then resumes pounding, holding me down by shoulders, looking me in the eyes as I give in to the wave of my orgasm climaxing. My arms kink, my legs bend, my feet scrunch, toes curl. I press my lips together, purse them, and release an involuntary whimper as my body jerks with each spasm of my vagina.

My eyes fall partially closed as I roll down off the climax. His body stiffens as he groans and immediately lets himself come now that I have again. I feel the warm gush of him coming in me. He slows his pumping into me with a sigh.

He lays on my stomach spent for a full thirty seconds. We just breathe together, our bodies shaped still as one. He rolls off me and I crawl onto the couch.

“Oh, that was amazing,” I mumble as he snuggles himself into the curves of my body.

He kisses my forehead. “Yeah, it really was. We need to do more of these fun sex boxes. You order stuff next and surprise me.”

I cuddle my whole self into the warmth of him. “This quarantined sex stuff is pretty hot. I’m so in. That was really fun.”

“You’re telling me. It fucking rocked.” He laughs. “I want to do it all over again.”

“Yes, please,” I say, knowing full well he needs a half to a full day to recharge.

He squeezes my arms and says, “Yes, soon.”

We sit holding each other for a few minutes before I say, “Okay. Now what should we make for lunch? That made me starved.”

“Me too. How about we make grilled cheese and tomato soup?”

We both rise and head to the kitchen to make ourselves an easy lunch, smiles on our faces because fucking is so damn good.

“And after we eat, I’m examining all those toys with full eyesight this time.”

He grins at me. “Oh, indeed.”

By Ruan Willow