Redhead Squirting Orgasm SciFi starring Audrey Ashes and Marley Clifton

Agent Audrey Ashes, a highly skilled intergalactic operative, never anticipated her current predicament when she embarked on a critical mission across the cosmos. Stranded on Earth while time traveling, Audrey finds herself far from home, cut off from her extraterrestrial resources.

Though lacking her advanced alien technology and abilities, she discovers a surprising advantage in her newfound human form—the power of sensation. Audrey revels in the extraordinary sensations of touch, taste, sight, and sound that were once alien to her. As she figures out what’s happening with her mission, desires, and sensations she can only experience on Earth begin to surface, blurring the lines between her mission and personal desires. Needing to hide out until she’s safe she stows away in an unoccupied apartment.

She can finally enjoy the feeling of her body and for the first time, she learns what it’s like to have a throbbing, wet pussy. Audrey Ashes, enjoys playing with her nipples and making herself even wetter. As she discovers her clit, she decides that being on Earth in the 2000s is the best. Not knowing how much better it’s about to get she starts to have an orgasm. As the heat and tingles rush over her body she is left breathless by the intensity of it all.

This scene features an erotic story by D.A. Wright brought to life by voice actress Anya Afterglow. “Time Breach” was directed and produced by The Sinematographer. Click “Watch Now” to see this stimulating scene!

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Audrey Ashes @AudreyAshes
Marley Clifton @milfmarley420
Story by D.A. Wright @DAWrigh27750485
Voiceover by Anya Afterglow @anya__afterglow