Redhead Pleasured With Magic Wand Starring Jupiter Jetson

Just because Jupiter Jetson is the prettiest package you’ve ever seen doesn’t mean she doesn’t dream of a man that will treat her like a cheap whore. Although she would never look that part, she wants to make a mess out of the pretty, expensive lingerie with her sloppy, wet pussy. She loves how it feels to have the lace rubbing against her nipples, being teased by her lingerie. All day it’s a reminder of how badly she wants to be covered in cum.

Who wears stockings anymore? A woman who knows what she wants and is actively on the prowl. A woman who imagines that she’s being mouth fucked while she rubs her pussy. Jupiter has a grand vision of how she will tease and please her next lover but for now, it’s just her, giving it to herself in all the right ways. Fingers deep in her pussy, this one is going to require a little more power. She pulls out her wand to make magic happen. Consistently massaging her clit, her orgasm builds before she explodes in pleasure.

Princess by day, wild, hungry, filthy fucking slut by night – that’s her. Sometimes it’s the classiest ones you have to look out for.

This scene features an erotic story by GothiccThighs brought to life by voice actress Anya Afterglow. “Prettiest Package” was directed by Stacy Lyle and filmed/produced by The Sinematographer. This is Jupiter Jetson’s first time appearing on Blush Erotica.

Click “Watch Now” to see this stimulating scene! This release is from the collection of scenes that are now available on Blush Erotica. This new concept in porn provides a narrated voiceover that adds an additional layer of erotica to hardcore porn. As the company’s catalog grows so does featuring scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive photography, and an erotic story blog.

Jupiter Jetson @JupiterJetson
Story by GothiccThighs @g0thiccthighs
Voiceover by Anya Afterglow @anya__afterglow