Mom Fucks Son-in-Law featuring Lily Craven and Milan

“I’m her mom but I’m still human,” thinks Lily Craven to herself as she allows her sexy son-in-law to undress her. For years she has had undeniable chemistry with Milan and finally, it was time to explore all the shared looks and uncomfortable smiles. Wasting no more time, Milan plays between Lily’s legs, teasing her pussy. Lily returns the favor and gives him a sloppy blow job. Finally having him in her mouth feels like such a victory.

They let all their pent-up sexual tension go as they fuck in every position they can. Doggy style, reverse cowgirl, Lily on top, Milan on top, all rough and tender at the same time. After Lily cums for Milan he showers her in his cum.

This scene features an erotic story by Megan Hussey and Stacy Lyle and voiceover by Lady Apollo. The scene was directed and produced by The Sinematographer.

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Lily Craven @Lily40xxx
Milan @milan_ponjevic
Story by Megan Hussey @SexpertFeminist and Stacy Lyle
Voiceover by Lady Apollo @ladyapollo3583