Magic Wand Female Orgasm Starring Roxie Rusalka

It’s midday and Roxie Rusalka’s pussy is throbbing and soaking wet. She’s been thinking about her girlfriend and all the different scandalous scenarios she’d like to be with her. Roxie loves the way she gently plays with her wet pussy from behind while making her watch herself in the mirror. She imagines taking her at a work event in the bathroom. Needing to get her hand up her prissy dress while she nibbles and sucks on those perfect tits.

She imagines all these things when she’s alone but mostly Roxie thinks about how her girlfriend will react when she comes home to find Roxie like this… legs spread, tits out, enjoying the magic of her strongest vibrator. Will her girlfriend join in? Roxie decides that after she cums, she’s going to leave her pussy all hot and creamy for her girlfriend to clean up… still leaking cum, still covered in her juices from clit to asshole. She’s ready to be licked clean by her girlfriend because, after all, there are some things that only a woman knows, aren’t there?

This scene features an erotic story by GothiccThighs brought to life by voice actress Anya Afterglow. “A Woman Knows” was directed by Stacy Lyle and filmed/produced by The Sinematographer.

This is Roxie Rusalka’s first time appearing on Blush Erotica. She appears in 3D on Blush Erotica’s VR site,, in a sexy four-way lesbian Slumber Party along with Lyla Everwettt, Megan Daw, and BigBigCherry.

Click “Watch Now” to see this stimulating scene! This release is from the collection of scenes that are now available on Blush Erotica. This new concept in porn provides a narrated voiceover that adds an additional layer of erotica to hardcore porn. As the company’s catalog grows so does featuring scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive photography, and an erotic story blog.

Roxie Rusalka @roxierusalka
Story by Gothicc Thighs @g0thiccthighs
Voiceover by Anya Afterglow @anya__afterglow