Ice Cube Tease Featuring Lilith Babes and Adam Sinful

Adam Sinful is getting divorced which is bad news for everyone except his divorce lawyer, Lilith Babes. The moment she lays eyes on her new client, she knows she needs to stretch this case out as long as possible. She’s a sucker for his soft eyes and gentle demeanor. Lilith knows that seducing her client is against all the rules and probably some laws but she doesn’t care, the first time they lock eyes, they both know that an unforgettable affair is about to blossom.

Adam knows how badly Lilith wants him, her soaking wet pussy always gives her away. But he likes to take it slowly and makes her wait. The slower Adam takes it the more intense Lilith’s orgasms. After Lilith takes his huge cock in her mouth, Adam teases her sensually with an ice cube. He teases all around her pussy and clit with the ice leaving a trail of cold water that he then warms up with his tongue. He takes her from behind, giving her every inch of his hard cock. Lilith cums all over his cock and soaks his shaft and balls in her sweet cum. Her release is so intense, Adam releases his load inside of her delivering a hot creampie.

This scene features an erotic story by D.A. Wright and a seductive voiceover by Anya Afterglow. “Divorce Lawyer Rendezvous” was directed and produced by The Sinematographer.

Lilith Babes has appeared on Blush Erotica before in “After Work Release” a spicy solo. Lilith is also featured on in 3D in “Lilith Babes and her Lil’ Snack.”

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Lilith Babes @LilithBabes
Adam Sinful @AdamSinful
Story by D.A. Wright @DAWrigh27750485
Voiceover by Anya Afterglow @anya__afterglow