Hallmark-Style Christmas Lesbian Fantasy Princess Dandy and April Raines

In this Hallmark-Style Christmas Lesbian Fantasy, Princess Dandy is a journalist. She has been tasked to write about Christmas in a small town while maintaining her monthly toy of the month blog. She arrives at her quaint cabin and is greeted by the live-in housekeeper, April Raine. Dandy is very rude to April in the beginning. She makes the “maid” carry in and unpack her bags and does not know how to embrace the Christmas spirit.

While waiting on her boyfriend to join her, Dandy gets a call and finds out that he will not be making it out to see her. To make matters worse, he dumps her. She’s now single and alone at Christmas. Now stuck in a cabin with only her housekeeper, she is forced to figure out how to write an article about small town Christmas spirit and her monthly toy review as well.

April, the housekeeper, has been a fan of Dandy’s sex column and has been secretly smitten with her for years. Meeting Dandy is her dream come true. She can not believe that she gets to spend time with this amazing woman who she feels can teach her a thing or two. April is very patient and knows that Dandy has a good heart underneath her brazen exterior. She is willing to take all of her abuse and do whatever she can to get Dandy to reveal her true self.

The scene was directed and produced by The Sinematographer, written by Princess Dandy with the voiceover talent of Lady Apollo.

This release is from the collection of scenes that are now available on Blush Erotica. This is the first live action scene from Blush Erotica and we look forward to producing more in the future. Blush Erotica is an AVN and XBIZ nominated production house. As the company’s catalog grows, so does the BlushErotica.com site. We feature hardcore scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, titillating photography, and exclusive interviews.

Princess Dandy@dandysplayroom
April Raine @AprilRaine913
Story by Princess Dandy @dandysplayroom
Voiceover by Lady Apollo @ladyapollo3583