Lesbian Eat Out and Butterfly Kisses featuring Mother Aurora and Luna Storm

Working with your girlfriend is hard enough but when your girlfriend is as sexy as Mother Aurora, it’s impossible. Luna Storm can’t resist when Mother Aurora is laying around in sexy lingerie and she knows exactly what she wants to do to her. Luna loves the way Mother Aurora’s pussy tastes and can’t wait to get her head between her legs. She licks and teases Mother Aurora’s tits as the two women make out.

Luna always loves what comes next. She pulls Mother Aurora’s panties off and reveals the butterfly tattoo on her asshole. Luna is totally mesmerized by the butterfly, and she angles herself so that when she eats Mother Aurora out she can watch the butterfly beat its wings. Mother Aurora returns the favor, kissing, licking, and sucking Luna’s pussy until she comes. Even as Mother Aurora is worshiping Luna’s cunt, she’s angled upward shaking her sexy ass and putting on a show for Luna.

The scene features an erotic story by Mary Cyn and voiceover from Lady Apollo. “Butterfly Kisses” was directed and produced by The Sinematographer. Click “Watch Now” to see this stimulating scene!

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Luna Storm @LunaStormxxx
Mother Aurora @MotherAuroraxxx
Story by Mary Cyn @sadisticseraph
Voiceover by Lady Apollo @ladyapollo3583_